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Why spray plaster?

Key benefits of Spray Plastering:

  • Reduced costs due to speed and efficiency
  • Suitable for most types of background including concrete, blockwork, brickwork, plasterboard and previously plastered surfaces
  • Our Knauf readymix plasters are less prone to cracking than normal plaster, minimising any follow-up snagging work.
  • The plasters are available in smooth and textured grade, in a white finish –so there is no need to decorate.

Ready-mix plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. Machine plastering is up to three times faster than traditional plastering methods and gives a superior result allowing us to complete large projects in a fraction of the time taken using conventional plastering techniques.
The spray plaster material boasts fire, acoustic and thermal properties that exceed traditional plasters and can be applied directly onto surfaces that would normally need a primer.